Paintings by Marlene
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About Me
II have the gift of the sea and sand each day for my sensory pleasures. Living By the beach, observing nature's grandeur as a living, changing energy force is a constant inspiration.  I  find myself wanting to capture movement..... life. I am in awe of life's majesties from birds soaring through the sky, to dancing waves, to billowy palm trees, to glorious sunsets. I must mention my first inspiration, my dad.  He taught me to open my eyes to nature's beauty. The simple joy of watching a flower bloom from day to day excites me. Although he is no longer here, I want to thank him for giving me this passion, as he also loved to paint.

Most of my work has been in water color and oil. I love capturing life's movement. That is a beauty in itself.  Recently, I have started painting with oil and enjoy the brilliance and blending of color. Did I mention I love color?!  I hope you enjoy looking at my paintings.

All paintings are available for purchase. Watercolor paintings are reproduced as a signed and numbered gyclee on watercolor paper.

All oil paintings can be reproduced on canvas as well. Please specify what size you want.
Please contact me, by email:


All proceeds from the sale of paintings will be donated to

We Have the Power to Help the Women of the DR Congo Today. As Seen on 60 Minutes, There is an Epidemic of Rape in the DR Congo that has Reached Epic Proportions.

Today in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), people are still struggling after one of the deadliest wars in all history. Millions died and new conflicts threaten peace every day. Perhaps worse than the loss of life is the staggering numbers of human rights violations.

Please visit Riley Arts in Manhattan Beach for featured pieces. As well as Artlife gallery in the El Segundo Plaza.
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